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Fresh Squeezed Minds is a business devoted to your online presence. We provide website development, SEO, social media, consulting and more to increase your business exposure and create a strong brand for your business with a powerful online presence. We look forward to your business growth and marketing expansion.



Pieces of content shared by Facebook users (per minute)

93 %


Google’s share of organic search traffic to websites

16 billion


Number of major search engine searches conducted by users in The U.S. on a monthly basis

Social Media Marketing

Whether you are a small start-up trying to spark interest in your consumer base, or if you are a medium-sized enterprise hoping to enlighten your market on the ins and outs of your industry, content marketing is an essential tool that you can greatly benefit from. But because not everyone can be a content creation specialist, we are here to give you a hand.

World-class strategy, creative, technology and media talent.

Content Marketing

When you develop useful and knowledgeable content, you’ll be considered as a reliable information source. This is based on your devotion to providing consistently good content as well as the loyalty of your readers. If you provide material on a continuous basis that moves your readers, you’ll soon earn a formidable reputation and become a thought or industry leader.


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Email Marketing

Building a list is one of the safest and most lucrative ways of building a business. Profit can be consistent because you can speak directly to subscribers at any time, while security is provided with the creation of an asset that can withstand external business issues. While the success of email marketing has stood up to the evolving web.

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