Old Search Engines a Blast From The Past

Remember, not so long ago for some us when there were tons of search engine options? I do and some were really good, but most of them still got their data from a limited amount of sources. Big G provided data to many of the search engines back in the day but some of those search engines had slightly different algorithms so you could get different results even though you were using the same database.  Today is Thursday and that reminded me I better find something for #ThrowBackThursday. I went searching and struck gold! A long time ago a magical wizard named Bruce Clay did some snooping and much research and developed something called The Search Engine Relationship Chart. It’s been imitated, manipulated and even flat out stolen by others, but from my limited memory, he was the original SEO to compile the data and make a nice relationship chart. I have an old screenshot from 2002 of the chart. Holy flaming fur balls that’s 14 years ago. My god, I am a dinosaur. Anyhow, here is your #ThrowbackThursday .

Oh, BTW, this is Bruce Clay’s work, I have nothing to do with it other than posting it here. If you click on the image it will take you to Bruce’s site.