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Maybe you have been told that you need this or need that on your website, or you don’t have a website for your business yet, and you are confused. Look, not everyone is an internet marketing genius. Some of the basic terms that digital marketers use are not so basic to ordinary people. Most people don’t care about Google’s algorithm updates. 99% of people don’t know or care what Panda or Penguin is.


By the way, for those of you still reading without your eyes glossing over, those are terms dealing with how Google indexes and ranks websites. Panda and Penguin aren’t just cute little zoo creatures, but they are names for Google’s algorithm updates that caused major headaches for many people in the digital marketing industry. Another Penguin update just came out, and it helped some websites and hurt others.


Now all that aside, the animals and the mathematical formulas, etc. Let’s get to the meat of what most people look for in digital marketers and designers. They want help with their website. Plain and simple. It goes beyond that, though. Most people are aware that they need some type of web presence on the internet. Some aren’t even sure why they need this and how it will help them.


So, it’s our job to educate the client and explain why they need a website if indeed they do need one. There are some instances when a person just doesn’t need a site. It’s very uncommon today not to need a website for your business, but there are some instances where someone might not. I am not going to talk about that today, though.  What I do want to discuss is the person that types into a search engine “I need help with my website” or “website help.”


It takes a lot for most of us to admit that we need help. If you are anything like me, you want to do everything yourself. But that can be worse and hurt your business. If you are spending too much time messing around trying to build your site and do SEO, marketing sales and everything else in your business, you will lose money. I’ve done it; I have tried to do everything myself because I know what’s best for my business and someone else will not do it the way I want or like, and it will be wrong.

The truth is, I can’t do everything, I don’t know everything there is to know about digital marketing, SEO, and web presence evaluation. I can’t do all of it. I would bet that you can’t either. That’s why I hire knowledgeable hard working people. If I can’t do something, they can, and if they can’t, we know where to get the right person for the job.


You have to do the same thing, and I understand that can be hard. It makes it even worse when the agencies and companies you go to try to double talk, use fancy jargon and impress you with their technical knowledge. No one likes to be talked down to; no one wants to admit that they just don’t know something. But, guess what? It’s ok not to know about this stuff. It can take years and years to develop the skills and knowledge to correctly handle web marketing.


Here is where I want to help. If you have questions even about something you have seen from another agency or someone told you something that you are not sure about, I want you to reach out to us. We won’t try to pressure you to buy anything; we won’t give you long boring lectures about internet marketing, SEO, web presence, or anything else. I will answer your question in a clear, concise manner. Honestly, I want to help. You can pick my brain for free, no charge, gratis.


Here’s the deal: write to me at and ask me anything you want about building a website, SEO, promotion, social media, or whatever. I will get back to you ASAP with an answer. Some answers may require a bit more time or may be more complicated than I can answer in an email, if that is the case then I will ask that we set up a call. Again, there will be no pressure, no complicated jargon; I will just help to the best of my ability.


If the information you want requires a significant amount of time or energy on my part, then I may ask that you pay a small fee for consulting. But, in general, any information or advice I provide will cost you nothing. I will also make this promise: I am going to strive to put things in terms that a human can understand.


I have come to this realization after helping and meeting many many people that are just not aware what this digital marketing thing entails. Most people have an idea, some think it’s magic, some think it’s B.S., and some just ignore it. I assure you, it is not magic or B.S. and ignoring it can be a fatal mistake. A well planned and targeted digital marketing campaign can make a world of difference in your business. It can mean the difference between failure and a hugely successful enterprise. If there is one extremely positive thing you could do for your business right now, it is taking advantage of the power of the internet and all it has to offer. I am here to help you with that. Just contact me for a free consultation.


Now, back to my original offer, as I said if you have questions about anything just get a hold of me and I will do our absolute best to help you, free of charge. Just write me at I look forward to helping you and your business succeed.


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