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Local seo faq

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is local search engine optimization. If you own a business that depends on local customers then you should have a local SEO program implemented for your website and social media. Let’s say you own a landscaping company in Anytown, USA. If someone from your town or even a nearby location searches for landscapers it would be ideal to have your website show up in the Google local results.


How Do I Get My Business To Show Up?

That’s a pretty common question and one of the best ways to get your business to show up in the local search results is by making sure you have citations, reviews, authority links and a great site or business.


What Are Citations in SEO?

Citations are basically directories that list businesses (think Yelp or Google Business listings). There are actually dozens of really good authoritative directories your business should be listed in. Each listing that has accurate up to date information about your business is called a citation. Google sees accurate citations as a sign that business is more trustworthy. It’s not the only factor in determining local listings rank but it is a pretty important one.


What Factors are There in Local SEO?

We already discussed citations and that is one important factor some of the other ones include:

  • Links To Your Website
  • Reviews of Your Business
  • Your Geographic Location
  • Social Media Signals
  • Behavioral Signals (clicks on your site, etc.)

There are other numerous factors involved in ranking in the local results. People are often surprised that they find that the local service or store they search for is not the closest one to them. That is because some of these other factors come into play.


What Does NAP Stand For?

It’s an acronym in local SEO that means “Name, Address, Phone”. It’s very important not only for your customers but for the search engines that you have the correct information listed in your citations.


What About Regular SEO?

That still matters quite a bit even if you are a local business. Not every local search is going to show up in the map results. So you should still consider links to your site plus all the on-site and technical SEO as a very important part of your strategy.

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