What Is The Google Three Pack

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You might have heard a tech person or marketing guru talking about the Google Three Pack or the Google Map Pack. What exactly are they talking about and is it important for your business? Let me start by saying, yes it is important to your business, especially if you have a company or business that depends on local clients.

The three pack can easily be explained by using the following example. You are looking for a landscaper so you type into Google “landscapers”. Google then shows you a selection of local Google Map listings on the front page with three listings. That my friends is the Google Three Pack (see image example below). You can then click on more places and be taken to Google Maps where you will find even more listings.


So now that you know what the Three Pack is, you can probably see how this would be useful for a local business to be listed in the first three results. If you are interested in Local SEO and seeing what we can do for your business, let us know and we will definitely be able to help you. 

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